Genesis G80 Sports ‘Fill with S+ for Design Differentiation’

Genesis G80 Sports ‘Fill with S+ for Design Differentiation’

Genesis G80 Sports

Since its first launch as an independent brand in 2015, Genesis brand, which is steadily expanding its lineup by introducing ‘EQ900’ and ‘GV60’, is expanding its position as a global premium brand that represents sedans, SUVs, internal combustion engines and electricity. In addition, it recently introduces a high-performance ‘sports’ model following the launch of the derived electric vehicle ‘eG80’ based on the semi-large sedan ‘G80’, which represents the brand.

First of all, Genesis “G80 Sports” debuted in October 2016 at 3.3 Turbo Single Trim. The model has represented brand dynamics, accompanied by powertrain upgrades such as improvement of output and torque as well as dynamic changes in interior and exterior design. And once again in about five years, Genesis brand will release G80 sports based on the 3rd generation G80, heralding future brand direction. For reference, the G80 debuted as a first-generation model at Hyundai Motor in 2008, before 2015 when Genesis was launched as an independent brand. The second generation code name “DH” will be introduced in 2013 and a partial change model will be released in July 2016. In addition, the current 3rd generation model, which is a two-line quad lamp and a shield-shaped crust grill, debuted last year.

Unlike the previous ones, the G80 sport, which was released in Korea, features not only 3.5 turbo but also 2.5 turbo and 2.2 diesel with optional sports packages. Similar to BMW M Sports Package and Mercedes-Benz AMG Line. Although there have been a variety of options, it is regrettable that there have been only minor changes in interior and exterior design and some powertrain adjustments without improving horsepower or torque.

The G80 sports model, which was recently tested, is actually the best G80 sports model, with its AWD system interlocking based on a gasoline 3.5 turbo and a dynamic package that can only be selected from the 3.5 turbo specification. The biggest feature of the package is the Genesis brand’s first equipped rear-wheel steering system. It is expected that this will be available through the G90, which is set to debut as a completely changed model in the second half of this year at the earliest.

Anyway, the G80 sports exterior design has a new G-matrix pattern radiator grill with dark glossy chromium on the front compared to the general model. In addition, the lower grille and bumper are changed to a more three-dimensional shape, and the headlamps are applied with a black bezel, emphasizing sportiness.

The sides are also covered with side molding finished with dark glossy chrome, and a 20-inch sputtering alloy wheel can also be found, suggesting the powerful power performance of G80 sports. It is equipped with a red caliper to match the sports title and represents the concept of the vehicle. As the bumper design changed slightly, the shape of the diffuser changed and a new molding with dark glossy chrome was also installed on the trunk lid.

Overall, the G80 sports appearance design is decorated with elements that emphasize sportiness compared to the G80. However, it is regrettable that it is only a small change that focuses on material changes. It has less volume and less sporty feel than previous generations. It is speculated that not only performance but also design differentiation is the psychology of consumers who choose sports models.

The G80 sports interior expresses the concept of the vehicle in one word as the sports sheet is applied. In addition, the steering wheel design is differentiated from the regular model by a three-spoke method, and the operation of the inner button is also a little easier. Accelerators and brake pedals can also be found to have been changed into metal materials and carbon materials used throughout the interior materials. In addition, test-drive cars also have a luxurious feel as dual monitor specifications are applied to the second row seats.

The G80 Sport V6 3.5 turbo has a maximum output of 380 horsepower and a maximum torque of 54.0 kg.m. The maximum torque is applied from 1,300 rpm, a low medium speed rotation area, and the engine is engaged with an 8-speed automatic transmission. 3.5 Turbo’s dynamic package application model has the aforementioned rear-wheel steering system. This allows the rear wheels to move in the opposite direction of the front wheels at low speeds and steer in the same direction at used speeds as a reference to 60 km/h. The rear-wheel steering system, which had been introduced first through some imported large sedans such as the 7 series, S class, and Panamera, seems to be expanding to various models after being verified for its technology. If the rear-wheel steering system is applied, the radius of rotation decreases at low speeds, and a more comfortable driving experience is achieved in narrow alleyways or U-turns. It also has advantages in changing lanes and turning power at high speeds.안전놀이터

In addition, the model will be equipped with a new sports plus mode, which will allow you to quickly experience a more dynamic driving experience. In this case, the ESC function is disabled and the shift is very tough. It is a method of increasing engine revs as much as possible to generate output. The G80 sports sprints along the road with thrilling engines and exhaust sounds even with a slight addition of power to the accelerator pedal. At this time, the steering wheel also adds weight and has a sharp reaction. However, the suspension feels dull than expected, and both sports and sports plus are not enough for sporty driving.

Overall, it delivers satisfactory experiences in quick response, including instantaneous acceleration. Considering the size and weight of the body, it will be able to get excellent scores in steering performance and high-speed driving stability. However, if he also had high expectations for the “Sports” title, he would also be deeply disappointed.

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