Hikaru Konishi 2020 SOD Hitosuma Exclusive Debut. feme covert

Hikaru Konishi 小西ひかる

Hikaru Konishi

Date of birth: 1991-06-30 (31 years old)
Height: 165cm.
Body size: B85 / W61 / H87
Cup size: D cup.
Debut: Debut in October of 2020.

2020 SOD Hitosuma Exclusive Debut. feme covert

On October 22, 2020, SOD Creative Honmono Hitosuma’s exclusive AV actor debut (SDNM-253).

According to his debut work, she married the other person in his first experience and is working as a hairdresser.

It is said that she made his AV debut because she felt lonely by his short-term husband and did not want to die knowing only one man.

AV’s office, T-POWERS.

Hikaru Konishi have Twitter (@konishi_hikaru_→ @Hikaru_Koni4).

Quality assessment release in March 2021 (SDNM-271).

Exclusive contract ends in April 2021.

After that, she changed to Kikatan.

Appearance of SIRO-4554 and others.

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