JYP to release Seol Yoon graduation photos next yea

JYP to release Seol Yoon graduation photos next year…Birth beauty certification

Seol Yoon

JYP Entertainment has released a flawless graduation photo of SeolYoon, a group member who will debut in February next year.

On the 3rd, a picture of Seol Yoon’s graduation from elementary and middle school was posted on JYP’s official Twitter account.

In the picture, Seol-yoon boasts clear features with long straight hair. The sharp nose and slim face look exactly like now.

The photo spread to the community and other social media, making headlines. Her innocent appearance, which has no flaws, resulted in a response as a “born beauty.”토토사이트

JYP also posted a video of Seol Yoon’s cover of “Sunmi-Full Moon” on YouTube. Seol Yoon showed a special presence in line with the unique mysterious atmosphere of the song “Full Moon.” The combination of soft tone and solid vocal skills increased viewers’ immersion.

SeolYoon is the fourth member of the JYP rookie group to debut in February next year. Prior to SeolYoon, JYP released its members Genie, Jiwoo and Gyujin on SNS.

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