Kasumi Tsukino Lady glamour, who grew up preciously from Kamakura.

Kasumi Tsukino 月野かすみ

Kasumi Tsukino

Date of birth: 2002-01-26 (20 years old)
Height: 151cm.
Body size: B96/W57/H84
Cup size: H cup.
Debut: Debut in October of 2020.

Lady glamour, who grew up preciously from Kamakura.

Elegant appearance and long black hair. H cup. Big chest complex.

A bristles that don’t refine.

Due to the influence of her grandmother who ran a tea house, she learned tea ceremony in middle school and won a calligraphy class.

The curfew was until 18:00, growing up in a very strict family.

She first experience was when she was 17. I’m currently a college student now.

On October 7, 2020, she made his AV debut exclusively through the Magic Mirror series.

Scouted by staff on the street.안전놀이터

asumi Tsukino never seen AV, but she decided to make her debut because she thought she could have confidence in AV after being praised for being a complex.

The stage name was “Tsukino” because I liked to see the moon, and “Kasumi” because the flower language of baby’s breath was okay.

The flower language of gypsophila is a clean mind or innocence.

Agency All Pro YouTube https://youtu.be/19N_4eXUNXU

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