Land Rover’s “Defender 90” has an overwhelming design.

Land Rover’s “Defender 90” has an overwhelming design.

Defender 90

Mana Talk… How much do we use this word in our daily lives? Even now, many people are satisfied with their cars even if they don’t know this. The same goes for reporters. Maybe it’s more of a “cha-al-mot” than readers. Except for difficult technical terms, we will use the test-drive machine as easy as possible from the perspective of the person who doesn’t know anything about cars.

Ssangyong Motor was the brand that came to mind when it comes to off-road and SUVs, but there is Land Rover overseas. Starting with Discovery, models range from high-end brand rovers to authentic off-loader ‘Defender’ are also diverse.

The Land Rover brand has firmly established itself in the domestic market, but the defender is not well known. This is because there was a brand called Ssangyong Motor that was cost-effective and not quite bad in design.

Jaguarland Rover Korea sharpened its knife properly. Starting to expand the defensive lineup with the replacement of the representative. The long body type defender 110 was in Korea, but the Coupe SUV Defender 90 was released for the first time in Korea. From the 12th to the 14th of last month, I tried the Land Rover Defender D250SE.

The exterior design is overwhelming. It is nearly 2 meters high and has a battlefield of 4,583mm even though it is a short body model. It is attracting public attention wherever you go because it has a large design and size that is hard to see in the city center of the metropolitan area in Korea.
If you look at the side, you can see the compact design of an SUV with two doors. Similar to other coupe vehicles, the door length is slightly longer than the existing long body version, making it easier to get on and off. On the back, there is a spare tire that is like a symbol of an off-road SUV.

The biggest advantage of this defender 90 is its “design that gives a strong feeling and angle to the coupe.” This is because it is a design that can be seen in Korea after a long time since Ssangyong Motor’s jeep-type Korando was discontinued.

When the jeep-type Korando was released at the time, not only did it shock the market, but until now, domestic demand for the “traditional off-road style SUV” still remains, with voices calling for “release a car like this.” Ssangyong Motor also identified this demand and unveiled the electric vehicle KR10, which adopted a design based on the previous Korando.

The rear seats are also spacious. Even when a 187-centimeter-tall reporter sat down, both the head space and the knee space were ample. However, there is an unavoidable inconvenience caused by folding and getting on and off the first row seat. There is no place to step on and off, so if you are small, it is harder to get on and off.

Unlike its crude appearance, the interior is heavily armed with the latest technologies. In particular, convenience technologies that collaborated with Korean companies LG Electronics and SK Telecom have been introduced to increase usability. Most land Rover vehicles in Korea, which will be released starting this year, will have a built-in T-map.

Because it is its own navigation, the instructions of the T map were applied to the instrument panel as well, which had a different synergy effect between convenience functions. It was also linked to the mobile T-map, so there was no need to wrestle to connect smartphones whenever I rode a vehicle.

The infotainment system ‘PbPro’, which collaborated with LG Electronics, has an intuitive menu composition that allows reporters to operate as they want without having to search the user’s manual or the Internet. Pivipro is commonly applied to all vehicles released not only in Korea but also around the world.
Uniquely, the center console had a ‘Refrigerator Function’. It is a function of entering because it is a vehicle that travels “off-road” to a place isolated from people. Simple can drinks could be put in and cooled down quickly within 20 to 30 minutes.

Considering that driving was a diesel vehicle, it was quite quiet. Rather, it was a car made to ride off-road, but it was quieter than I thought, so it was not bad to ride in the city center. The suspension was not as hard as I thought, so it was not inconvenient without technology such as air suspension.

Rather, the functions made to be used when driving off-road were also useful for driving in the city center. As the car size is quite large, blind spots on the front wheels occur, and you can check them in real time through the camera, so you can get out well without accidents.토토사이트

Nevertheless, it is regrettable in terms of cost-effectiveness. Although a number of functions optimized for off-road, such as the wading water depth detection function, are included, it is rare to drive on extreme off-road in Korea, and it is also true that vehicle prices close to 100 million won are burdensome to access.

Mercedes-Benz’s G-bagen in the city is burdensome, and the Defender 90 is an option to consider if you are a driver seeking “off-road sensibility,” but there are many limitations to use as a family car and daily car.

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