“Lose 8kg” Solar, show off her waist, zero flab.

“Lose 8kg” Solar, show off her waist, zero flab.


Solar of MAMAMOO showed off her slim waistline.

she posted a photo on her Instagram on the 7th with no comment.

The picture shows Solar posing variously on the couch. Solar is showing a natural pose and provocative eyes. On top of that, he wore a tube top with a revealing figure and jeans to complete his sexy look.

In the process, Solar’s slim figure, which boasts solid abs and a slim waistline, is admired.

she recently endured harsh training and dieting through KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “The Boss’s Ears Donkey” and lost 8kg in just three months, completing a perfect body line and a solid body shape. “I gained 7kg,” he said in a broadcast on the 22nd. I came back in three days. “I ate it until the moment I woke up and fell asleep,” he said, adding, “The six-pack became a watermelon.”안전놀이터

Meanwhile, the SBS “Hongcheongi” OST Part.2 Solar’s “I’m You, You Were Me” was released on a domestic music site on the 6th.

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