“No. 1 cumulative score” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

“No. 1 cumulative score” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar “If LeBron breaks my record…””

areem Abdul-Jabbar

Abdulzaba talked about LeBron.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who began his NBA career in 1969, had a spectacular career with six wins in 20 seasons. Abdulzaba, who has a brilliant history of six regular-season MVPs, two final MVPs, 10 All-NBA First Teams and 19 All-Star titles, is considered one of the best big men of all time.

As he has maintained his position at the top for a long time, Abduljaba’s accumulated record was also great. What stands out the most is that he also accumulated 38,387 points in his career, ranking first in NBA history.

Abduljaba’s scoring record failed to break even legends such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, who dominated the time. Kobe (33,643 points) and Jordan (32,292 points) are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, while Carl Malone, ranked second, has 36,928 points.

Recently, however, a player threatening Abdul-Jaba’s stronghold appeared. It is LeBron James, who plays as an ace for the LA Lakers, where Abdulzaba stayed for a long time.

LeBron, who is entering his 19th season, is currently ranked third in the cumulative scoring record with 35,367 points. Assuming that there are no major variables, LeBron, who is still showing off his top performance, is expected to break Abduljava’s record as early as the 2022-2023 season.

Then, how would Abdul-Java feel to see LeBron, the “chaser”? Abdulzaba had time to talk about LeBron’s record challenge in a recent interview.

Abdulzaba said, “I’m looking forward to seeing LeBron James break my record. I don’t see records as individual achievements, but as achievements of people as a whole. “If a person can achieve something that he or she has never done before, it means that everyone has the opportunity to reach it.”

He added, “If LeBron breaks my record, everyone will win, and I will be there to support him.”

Abdulzaba also said about the future, “A few years from now, the reporter will ask LeBron and Stephen Curry similar questions, and they will say that the new generation has better things than themselves. And that would be right, he said.안전공원

LeBron agreed to an extension contract with the Lakers in December last year, wearing gold and purple uniforms until the 2022-2023 season. Will LeBron be able to break Abduljava’s record by showing off his robustness?

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