Otani batting average in September. Another hitless silence.

Otani batting average in September. Another hitless silence.


Los Angeles Angels Otani Shohei’s slump is serious. Before he knew it, his batting average dropped to the mid-20s.

Otani started as the second designated hitter against the Texas Rangers in the 2021 Major League at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, on the 6th, recording no hits in four at-bats.

Otani has been silent for two consecutive games since hitting his 43rd home run of the season on the 5th. His batting average fell from 0.258 to 0.255 in the season. Since the first half of the year was spectacular, the second half of the strike slump is seriously noticeable.

Otani is struggling with four-seam fastball attacks. The occasional home runs are only coming from slow change balls that form in the middle of the strike zone. In five games in September, including the game, he had only two hits and a batting average of 0.100 (two hits in 20 at-bats).

Otani hit Texas starter A.J. Alexi in the first inning with no runners with one out, trailing 0-1, but hit a 94 mile four-seam fastball in the sixth pitch, but left fielder flyer. Then in the third inning, he struck out a swing in the second at bat.

In the sixth inning, Otani struck out a loop in Alexi’s 92.3 miles (about 148.5 kilometers) outside, and finished the game without hitting a shortstop in the last at-bat of the eighth inning.토토사이트

Meanwhile, Yang was not on the mound. Texas beat the Angels 4-0 for the second time in a row, and the Angels lost two in a row.

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