Tottenham sign Aurier to the end. [Official]

Tottenham sign Aurier to the end. [Official]


Tottenham have terminated their contract under mutual agreement with Sergio Aurier.

Tottenham terminated the contract with Aurier on its official website on the 1st (Korea time). We thank Aurier for his dedication and wish him luck in the future.”

Aurier left Paris Saint-Germain in 2017 and moved to Tottenham. Although he showed his excellent performance after the transfer, he was often criticized for his ups and downs. In particular, he also revealed loopholes in defense against the public, including excessive breakthroughs and inaccurate crosses that cut off the flow of attacks. Unnecessary fouls in dangerous areas have put the team in trouble.

As a result, he stayed for four seasons but failed to play as much as he expected. In fact, the duck played only 110 official matches. He scored only eight goals and 17 assists.

Since last season, his skills have continued to decline amid frequent injuries, and he has been classified as an out-of-power player as he has not been included in the plan of coach Nunu Santu, who has been newly appointed this season. The Premier League was played until the third round, but he failed to show up. The same was true of the Europa Conference League playoffs.

In the end, it was released this summer. However, the problem was that there were no clubs that showed interest in Aurier, so the transfer negotiations could not proceed. He did not willingly sign the duck because he has no distinct advantage and he is already 30 years old.

Aurier asked Tottenham to terminate his contract in order to find a new team. If he terminates the contract, he will be able to find his team without transfer fees as a free agent, which he intended to use.안전놀이터

Tottenham had only one year left on their contract, but they had a plan to get a transfer fee. However, if Aurier does not leave, he has no choice but to accept the termination of the contract because he has to pay more than 100 million won a week for the rest of the year.

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