Volkswagen confirms mass production of “ID.3 GTX”

Volkswagen confirms mass production of “ID.3 GTX” with 295 horsepower.


Volkswagen has confirmed mass production of high-performance “ID.3 GTX.”

“We are preparing ID3 GTX and will add a high-performance motor to the rear wheel axle to speed up and accelerate,” Volkswagen CEO Ralph Brandstadter said in an interview with foreign media.

ID3 GTX is expected to share the dual motor of ID.4 GTX, which has a maximum power of 329 horsepower (333PS) introduced by Volkswagen in May, and a maximum power of 295 horsepower (299PS) with a time of reaching 100 km/h in a stationary state of 5.3 seconds.

The ID.X concept has lost about 200 kg compared to ID.3, and drift mode has been applied, but it is unclear whether this setting will also be applied to ID.3 GTX.

Volkswagen plans to introduce Coupe Style’s crossover ID.5 GTX, which was introduced at IAA 2021, first next year and add ID. 3  to the e-performance vehicle lineup soon.

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