“DS7 Crossbag”, a luxury DS brand. edge technology!

“DS7 Crossbag”, a luxury DS brand. Surprise at the hidden cutting edge technology!


DS, a brand completely independent of Peugeot Citroen, is a premium maker representing France.

It is not well known in Korea, but it is gradually stretching. It is recognized as a flagship model in France to the extent that President Macron was born at the inauguration ceremony.

No wonder, France has developed a light vehicle-class car culture in Korea. This is because historical and cultural properties that have flourished enough to not expand the road are scattered everywhere. In addition, it is a tourism resource that makes a lot of money, so it is not touched.

Therefore, Korea’s mid-sized SUV-class “DS7” is a flagship model. The first thing you can see is the LED headlamp shining 180 degrees with the start-up. It is a shining experience that has never been seen in any car.

It is considered a finger that looks pretty from the back. In particular, the rear lamp is designed to be dense and elegant in the shape of fish scales.

The test drive model DS7 Crossbag is a “DS7 Crossbag Grand Chic Trim” released in Korea in 2020, which contains a variety of advanced technologies and convenience specifications.

The vehicle body size is 4,595mm in full length, 1,895mm in full width, and 1630mm in total height. Compared to the average C-SUV segment, the larger size and 20-inch wheels further highlighted the presence of DS7 crossbacks.

The appearance of resemblance to a hatchback is a simple size that properly raised the battlefield for an indoor space that is cute but not very narrow. In addition, the first row of gout and massage sheets are unexpected. Ventilation and heating wire seats are convenient because they are physically rotated dials and are fixed to restart.

The massage function is also intuitively pressed by placing a button next to the seat, and the rest of the adjustment is possible on the display. There are many strong and weak modes, so the massage function that suits your taste continues even when restarting, making it also comfortable.

The DS7 crossbag is original in every way. It does not seem to follow the flow of American and German cars. The buttons up and down the window are gathered on both sides of the gear rod to convey a strange but new sense, and if you sit on the seat for the first time and look for the start button, you will find it at the top of the center fascia center.

In addition, if you press the start button slightly and long, the clock will flip over on the button and come up. The logo of luxury watchmaker BRM is engraved.

In order to operate the “DS Connected Pilot,” a semi-autonomous driving system, it is located behind the left side of the steering wheel like the French Renault brand. When the back button is pressed, the adaptive cruise control function and the lane keeping assistance function are started.

The car in front looks like it is moving in the center of the cluster, and the green line is visible as the lane is activated. The distance from the car ahead runs well, but does not keep the lane strong.

The driving sense of the powertrain 2.0L Blue HDi engine and the 8-speed automatic transmission (EAT 8) is similar to the nature of Peugeot Citroen. 2.0 Diesel engines emit constant vibrations and give fun to accelerate. You can enjoy the maximum output of 177 horsepower and the maximum torque of 40.82 kg·m. However, it is certainly not a setting that focuses on quiet diesel sounds. It is an emotion to enjoy the stroke of the engine.

The fuel efficiency is also well above the official 12.8 km/l like an HDi engine, recording actual 16-17 km/l. The high fuel efficiency equivalent to Volkswagen’s TDI engine and its sensibility can also be seen as similar.

The most surprising thing is that electronic suspensions are applied. The DS7 cross-bag contains a “DS Active Scan Suspension” technology that improves ride comfort by independently controlling the damping of four wheels. I didn’t know until I opened the bonnet. I was surprised to see the electronic nozzle connected by suspension. Then the feeling of driving changed quite a bit.

At the same time, it gives a solid feeling when accelerating, and at the same time, you can enjoy the setting direction of the electronic suspension due to the movement of the body slightly floating in high speed driving. As other brands continue to get used to the quiet ride, they can be a little disappointed by the DS7 crossback ride, but they should be taken with their own unique sensibility.파워볼사이트

The 12.3-inch digital instrument panel is equipped with quite advanced display technology if you pay more attention to image quality. Audio is also a “Pocal Electra High Five System” consisting of 14 speakers created in collaboration with Focal, France’s leading sound company.

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