Harden don’t sign an extension contract with Brooklyn.

Harden don’t sign an extension contract with Brooklyn.


The upcoming 2021-2022 season is very important for the Brooklyn Nets.

According to reporter Malika Andrews of ESPN.com, Brooklyn’s “The Beard” James Harden (Guard, 196cm, 102.1kg) will not sign an extension this time.

Harden can become a free agent after this season. Because player options can be used after the season. Brooklyn is believed to have pushed for an extension contract with Harden this time. However, the possibility cannot be ruled out that the contract has not been signed.

He seems to prioritize winning next season. If they fail to win, it is understood that they intend to decide whether to stay or transfer based on the situation afterward. If Harden becomes an FA, many teams are expected to be interested. In other words, it seems best for Brooklyn to win if he wants to maintain his strength after next season.

Asked about the extension contract, Harden said, “I’ve never been a free agent before,” expressing his desire to sign where he wants to be an FA this time, saying, “I’ve always focused on being with my existing team.” He added, “As I’ve always stayed, I want to have my time.”

Harden has never been in the transfer market yet because he has signed two extension contracts since entering the NBA. Ahead of the expiration of his rookie contract, he was traded from Oklahoma City Thunder to the Houston Rockets. Harden traded him to Oklahoma City, which was difficult to catch when he became an FA. Shortly after the trade, he signed an extension contract with Houston. Houston received the highest five-year contract period.

That’s not all. Houston agreed to a new contract in 2016 that would ease the existing contract and surpass Choi Dae-woo, even though the contract period remained. Houston handed over $118 million for four years, and in 2017, the following year, it signed a huge contract worth $170 million for four years. The contract has been in effect since the 2019-2020 season.토토추천

Currently, Harden’s contract was signed in 2017. He received more than $41 million in annual salary last season and is expected to receive about $43.85 million next season. If they remain without going to the market, the contract will continue until the 2023-2024 season. However, if Harden remains, he is expected to sign a long-term contract after using the option.

Harden expressed a strong desire to win, saying, “I want to focus more on the challenge of winning rather than expressing my immediate future.” Because Harden has never won a championship yet. He has been with several superstars, but he has not been able to reach the championship. He drew a lot of expectations as he was traded to Brooklyn last season, but he left a deep regret as he was injured in the playoffs.

He played 36.6 minutes per game in 44 games against Houston and Brooklyn last season, recording 24.6 points (466.362.861), 7.9 rebounds, 10.8 assists, and 1.2 steals. He showed off his best guard in the league without fail, and Brooklyn played a decisive role in competing for the lead in the Eastern Conference throughout the season. Harden and Kevin Durant played a lot of time in the middle of the season, definitely leading the team.

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