Kim Junsu confessed after 10 years. “I cried because…..”

Kim Junsu confessed after 10 years. “I cried because I wanted to do a confession after 10 years.

Kim Junsu

Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Gold Side Counseling Center” features former 2NE1 members Sandara Park and Gong Min-ji, who caused a tardy change in the music industry,

Kim Joon-soo’s concerns, who pioneered a new path from Hallyu idol to ticket power musical actor, will be revealed.

Sandara Park and Gong Min-ji, who appeared as the first customers, are different from the image of a strong sister when they were in a group.

It shocks the counseling center by confessing a certain phobia that has been suffering for a long time.

In response, Oh Eun-young said, “Phobia is not caused by weak hearts,” and from their childhood to their growth environment,

It raises questions by finding clues to solving large and small cases.

Attention is focusing on what caused the phobia that hurt them and what the warm words of consolation “Eunyoung Magic” that touched the hearts of the two people.

The second customer is singer Kim Jun-soo, who transformed from the best Hallyu idol group in the early 2000s to a musical actor boasting ticket power.

It is said that he made everyone feel sorry by revealing for the first time the painful worries hidden behind the big topic on SNS due to his luxurious life.

In addition, after leaving the group, he confessed his difficult slump, saying, “I remember crying endlessly all morning because I wanted to do a broadcast,” which made Dr. Oh Eun-young and everyone cry.

Attention is focusing on what magical advice Dr. Oh Eun-young gave to Kim Joon-soo’s confession, which has not been said anywhere in the past decade.

Meanwhile, at the end of the broadcast, Kim Joon-soo is rumored to have made the studio hot by performing a live performance for viewers.

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