Yume Nikaido Super rookie of 2020 discovered in Paleno.

Yume Nikaido 二階堂夢

Yume Nikaido

Date of birth: 1999-10-28.
Height: 158cm.
Body size: B85 / W53 / H85
Cup size: F cup.
Debut: Debut in April of 2020.

Super rookie of 2020 discovered in Paleno.

Cute glamorous with a thin waist and a large chest.

Lovely attractiveness stands out.

She is said to have been from the Grand Prix at the Miss Venus International Competition,

but it seems to be just her debut concept.

Yume Nikaido studied in the United States and Canada for three years in high school and is fluent in English.

It is said that she can speak three languages, including English. 안전놀이터

The reason she wanted to become an AV actor was because the most famous Japanese actor

among male students in high school It is said that it was because it was Aoi Sora.

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