Mercedes-Benz, the 7th generation SL exclusive for AMG

Mercedes-Benz, the 7th generation SL exclusive for AMG will be unveiled.


Mercedes-Benz unveiled a new SL that returned to the 7th generation on the 29th local time.

The new car is Benz’s flagship open sports car, which will be introduced for the first time in about eight years since the sixth generation came out. SL, which has a history of more than 60 years, belongs to the brand’s flagship lineup and is also a difference in popularity among many people.

However, as SUVs, which emphasized practicality, emerged as a trend, SL sales gradually fell and people’s memories fell due to the emergence of a series of rivals. Although he was embroiled in rumors of discontinuation, Benz announced the news of the revival of SL with Heritage and was finally reborn in the arms of AMG.

The SL replacing GT Roadster is no longer part of the Mercedes lineup and is sold exclusively for AMG. Based on that firm identity, it aims at the target class. The exterior is sleek and dynamic. You can tell just by looking at a large grill, air inlet, and sharply torn headlamp. The long nose short deck structure remains unchanged based on the long body and wheel base.

However, it showed a completely different impression by applying a soft saw that folds into three stages from the existing hard saw and reduced the weight by about 21kg. For reference, the saw can be folded or raised in 15 seconds at a speed of up to 50 km/h. The back was followed by a high-performance AMG look with a thick diffuser and a large quad exhaust. The tail lamp is long horizontally, and the active rear spoiler is neatly integrated into the trunk. Mercedes will be applied with diffusers, side skirts, and bumpers with more aggressive designs if it chooses an aerodynamic package.

Inside, you can see a large vertical display that has been introduced as a new S-Class. The 11.9-inch touch screen will tilt about 12 to 32 degrees in the future. In addition, it is equipped with the latest MBUX infotainment system to enhance ease of use. In addition, the 12.3-inch full digital instrument panel provides graphics optimized for sports driving and is also equipped with a head-up display with augmented reality technology.

In addition, the driving mode, suspension adjustment button, and paddle shift attached to the steering wheel may estimate the characteristics of the vehicle. The material is a combination of finest leather, aluminum, alcantara, and carbon. Various mood lights were added everywhere to capture high-quality sensibility. An air scarf neck level heating system that can represent the characteristics of an open car will be basic, and electric AMG sports seats can also be selected.

First of all, the new SL will be released in two types: SL 55 and SL 63. Both trims have a V8 4.0 twin turbo engine, and the basic type exhibits a maximum output of 469 horsepower and a maximum torque of 70.0 kgmm. In the case of the high-performance version, it emits up to 577 horsepower and 80.0 kgmm. On top of that, a nine-speed automatic transmission and a four-matic plus that supports variable torque distribution combine to transmit force to the ground.안전놀이터

In addition, for the first time, an electromagnetic controlled clutch was applied to connect the rear axle and the front wheel for perfect movement. It induces an immediate response and minimizes anxious situations. The electronically controlled limited slip differential increases traction and stability during high-speed cornering. It also has a rear-wheel steering steering system to reduce the radius of rotation and help handle more elaborately.

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