Aoi Mizutani 水谷あおい debuted at SOD in June 2015.

Aoi Mizutani

Aoi Mizutani

Another name: #Rumi Ichikawa(市川留美) #Lisa Adachi(安達理沙) #Nanase Hayami(速水奈々)
Date of birth: 1993-05-22
Height: 155 cm.
Body size: B85 / W55 / H85
Cup size: D cup.
Debut: Debut in June 2015.

Aoi Mizutani debuted at SOD in June 2015.

It is said that she was a nurse, and there are many of the works she actually filmed under the concept of a nurse.

Since its release from SOD, it has been released as a kikatan, and there are also crystal-free works.

Another tinnitus used in Musujeong is Rumi Ichikawa(市川留美).토토사이트

Slender body, double eyelids’ eyes are attractive, cute cheeks,

The elegant and innocent appearance is attractive, but the acting ability in the work is not very good because the facial expression is not very good.

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