Moe Amatsuka 天使もえ The 4th king of S1

Moe Amatsuka

Moe Amatsuka

Another name: #Shiratsuki Mikka(白築まいか) #AMATSUKA
Date of birth: 1994-07-10 (28 years old)
Height: 155 cm.
Body size: B84 / W57 / H82
Cup size: D cup.
Debut: Debut in July 2014.

The 4th king of S1, who is regarded as the FM textbook of AV actress.

Artisan with a true professional consciousness.

Innocent, slim and beautiful girl Waku with fancy techniques and orthodox acting.

And with the utmost fan management, the fan base is quite thick in Japan.

It is supported by many rookie AV actresses’ FM textbooks.

She made his debut in Gravia in 2014 and changed to AV as S1 player.

A former member of girl group SEXY-J and Ebisu Mascats.토토사이트

The 2015 Scarpa Adult Broadcasting Awards Rookie of the Year Award, the DMM Awards Rookie of the Year Award, and the 2018 Scarpa Best Actress Award.

She has also been active as a singer AMATSUKA since 2018. Bstar affiliated with Bambi promotion.

She was really born in 1991.

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