Nagomi なごみ The standard of Loliihard.



Another name: #Amatsuki Kana #Arima Arisa(有馬ありさ) #Oyamada Mai(小山田まい)
#Hoshino Muriku(ほしのみるく)#Tsukimi Kana(月見叶菜) #Sasayama Kei(篠山けい)
Date of birth: 1994-06-19
Height: 156cm.
Body size: B83 / W56 / H83
Cup size: C cup.
Debut: Debut in August 2014.

The standard of Loliihard.

Loli-based actor who made his exclusive debut as Kawaii Label in 2014.

From 2015, she started working on a wide range of works as an actress from a planning organization,

which literally showed the standard of Rory Hard.안전놀이터

The scenes where she calmly receives ultra-hard play, including various men, analysts, and DP, with his young face and soft body are legendary.

Perhaps thanks to its increased reputation, it has been exclusive to SOD labels since 2017 and has mainly appeared in SDEN and SDDE series.

Nagomi also held a fan meeting in Korea and renamed Amatsuki Kana in July 2018.

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