Ai Mukai Korean-Japanese in the Korean-Japanese half.

Ai Mukai

Ai Mukai

Date of birth: 1993-10-24
Height: 157 cm
Body size: B80 / W56 / H82
Cup Size: C Cup
Debut: Debut in November, 2015

Korean-Japanese in the Korean-Japanese half. From boyish style to long-haired lady.

According to her profile, she was born in 1995, but she was actually born in 1993.

She grew up in her father’s hands after her parents divorced, and was sent to a facility by her stepmother after her father’s death.

When she was a student, she played sports and decided to become a cook.

At the age of 17, her biological mother appeared and asked for money, and when she asked for more money even though
she gave her all the employment incentives, she eventually made her debut on Kikatan AV in the name of Ai Mukai in 2015.

She appeared in “Mari Haneda” and “Mari Haneda.

The agency is Everest. At first, she didn’t like sex, but she was able to have fun filming with Shimiken in December 2015.

After that, she lifted the media exposure and started working in earnest.

She stuck to the short cut boyish style because it was convenient to wash her hair, but she has grown her hair to increase its popularity since 2019.

There are also frequent appearances in ladies’ films. Ai Mukai nickname is “Magician of Saliva”. It is a nickname given by Shimiken.

Famous for being a professional wrestling enthusiast. She is also good at baseball.

She best friend is Hatsumi Saki. 토토추천

AV account @ai_mukaiAV hobby account @mukai_ai_

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