BMW 3 Series Partial Changes Revealed

BMW 3 Series Partial Changes Revealed

BMW 3 Series

BMW introduced a three-series partial change model. It refined its interior and exterior design and added new body colors and wheels. It will be divided into two types, sedan and touring (wagon), and will be officially released in July. Prices start at 43,900 € and 45,000 €, respectively.

First of all, the change in the front is noticeable. It reduced the thickness of the headlight and changed the LED daytime running light into an ”’ shape. The radiator grille has a new outer rim and inner design. The front bumper was planted with an air inlet and an L-shaped air passage. Overall, it is interesting to see the composition of clearly divided faces like sculptures. As it is a partial change model, there is no change in the profile. The tail lamps are the same. However, the rear bumper was changed to a three-dimensional shape.

Adding the M Sports Package includes a radiator grill depicting honeycomb patterns and front and rear bumpers with aggressive designs. 18-inch M alloy wheel is the basic wheel. An optional 19-inch wheel can be fitted. If you add the new option M Sports Package Pro, you can meet M high-gloss shadow line trims and M sports brakes including red calipers.

It also increased its color lineup. As part of the M Sports Package, we have prepared Sky Scrapper Grey Metallic and M Brooklyn Grey Metallic colors. In addition, 150 BMW Indivisual special paints, including Frozen Pure Gray Metallic and Frozen Tanzite Blue Metallic, can be selected.

Indoor changes are also eye-catching. The number of physical buttons was reduced, and most of the functions including air conditioners were put into the infotainment system. On top of the dashboard, a 12.3-inch instrument panel and a large curved display with a 14.9-inch center screen tied to one panel are placed. The instrument panel contains graphics that can be seen in BMW’s electric mobile models such as iX and i4. The armrest was fitted with a dainty electronic gear knob.

The engine varies depending on the model. The 318i installed an 8-speed automatic transmission in a series 4-cylinder 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine. The maximum power and maximum torque are 156 horsepower and 25.4kg·m, respectively, with a maximum speed of 223km per hour for sedans and 218km per hour for touring.

The 320i and 330i have a series 4-cylinder 2.0L gasoline turbo engine. An eight-speed automatic transmission was paired here. The highest output and maximum torque are 184 horsepower, 30.5kg·m, and 330i are 245 horsepower and 40.7kg·m, respectively. The maximum speed is 235 kilometers per hour, 330i is 250 kilometers per hour. 0 → The acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour is 320i 7.4 seconds and 330i 5.9 seconds.

The M340ix drive combines a series 6-cylinder 3.0L gasoline turbo engine with a mild hybrid technology and an 8-speed automatic transmission. It sends a maximum output of 374 horsepower and a maximum torque of 50.9kg·m in four laps. The acceleration time from stop to 100km/h is 4.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is 250km/h.

Next up is diesel, all with mild hybrid technology. The 318d and 320d contain a series 4-cylinder 2.0L diesel turbo engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The highest output and maximum torque are 318d at 150 horsepower, 32.6kg·m, and 320d at 190 horsepower and 40.7kg·m, respectively. 0 → Acceleration time to 100km/h is 318d 8.3 seconds and 320d 6.9 seconds.

The 330d and M340d paired a series 6-cylinder 3.0L diesel turbo engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The highest output and maximum torque are 330d, which produces 286 horsepower, 66.2kg·m, and M340d, respectively, 340 horsepower and 71.3kg·m. It takes 5.3 seconds and 4.6 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour from the stop, respectively, and the maximum speed is 250 kilometers per hour for both models.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models come in two versions: 320e and 330e. It has a series 4-cylinder 2.0L gasoline turbo engine, an electric motor, and a 12kWh lithium-ion battery. The highest output is 204 horsepower and 292 horsepower, respectively. It can run up to 62 kilometers in pure electric mode (based on WLTP).

BMW plans to produce the new 3 series at its Munich plant in Germany and San Luis Potosí plant in Mexico.

BMW 3 Series BMW 3 Series

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