ITZY Japanese first single title track “Voltage” hit 10 million views

ITZY Japanese first single title track “Voltage” hit 10 million views


ITZY’s new Japanese song “Voltage” music video has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube.

ITZY released Japan’s first original single ‘Voltage’ on April 6.

Prior to their official release, they pre-released the song and music video of the title song of the same name on the 23rd of last month and heated up the release fever.

“Voltage” music video has exciting visual elements such as bikes, neon lights, fireworks, and powerful performances

And with the confident charisma of the members, Generation Z at home and abroad received enthusiastic responses, and the number of YouTube views exceeded 10 million at 3:32 p.m. on the 17th.

As of the morning of March 24, it topped the YouTube music video Trending Worldwide, proving its high interest.

The first Japanese single contains a total of four tracks, including the title song “Voltage”, the track “Spice” (Spice), and the instrumental music of the two songs.

The new song “Voltage” features intense rap and rock sound, comparing the group’s own confident energy to the song name “voltage,” melting the confident message of “I will move forward proudly.”파워볼사이트

In addition, the original single “Voltage” released locally for the first time was 33,354 points, ranking third in the Oricon weekly single ranking (2022.04.04~22.04.10) on April 18

It also ranked second on the weekly singles chart (2022.04.04~2022.04.10) of all Tower Records, leaving positive results.

Meanwhile, ITZY held a solo fan meeting “ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting “ITZY MIDZY, let’s fly!” at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 9th and met with fans.

This fan meeting is the first official fan meeting since ITZY’s debut in February 2019 and has a special meaning.

On the day of the concert, we congratulated the youngest YUNA on turning 20

To respond to the fans who always cheered and loved us, we performed “#Twenty” from our first full-length album, “Crazy in Love”

The atmosphere was heightened by the first introduction of a specially produced video.

The video collaborated with Instagram Reels has become a meaningful gift for fans around the world as it has trendy elements unique to the MZ generation, such as Reels UI and various effects.

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