Jack Grealish makes absurd remarks during victory parade

Jack Grealish makes absurd remarks during victory parade

Jack Grealish

There is another controversy over Jack Grealish. This time, it is because of the absurd remarks made during the winning parade.

Manchester City won the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2021-22 season. It has won two consecutive seasons since last season, and has won four championships in the past five years, showing great potential. In the final game of the league, Aston Villa lost a point in the beginning, but succeeded in reversing and won the championship dramatically, completing a dramatic story.

The championship parade was also held. The Manchester City coaching staff and the team took the club bus across the city to celebrate the victory with their fans. Pep Guardiola burned cigars in a good mood, and the team’s ace Kevin the Brawinner also showed himself drunk.

Grealish did not play in the final match, but he shared the winning parade. Grealish, like everyone else, enjoyed a little drinking and shared the joy of winning with his teammates. However, the video taken by Grealish during the championship parade has been controversial and criticized.

Next to Jack Grealish was Bernardo Silva. Silva asked Grealish what he thought was the secret to winning against Villa, and Grealish answered the question.

The first answer was absurd. “First of all, we replaced Riyadh as soon as possible. He played like Miguel Almiron yesterday,” he said. Mahrez was replaced in the 11th minute of the second half of the match and ended early.

“He’s been pretty good this season,” Grealish said, pointing to Silva. We have to take him out of the game,” Silva joked, “Third, we have to put Grealish on the bench.”

You can play pranks as a close colleague. However, Grealish raised the eyebrows of fans by mentioning another player who was not even a ‘difficult’ teammate. It was an unnecessary comparison.

Internet users who saw the video also felt uncomfortable with Grealish’s remarks. One fan pointed out that Grealish was sluggish this season, saying, “If he had worked hard at half of what Almiron did, he would have been able to play in the game.” Another fan said, “Grealish’s mention of Almiron is very rude and unprofessional.” 안전공원

But unexpectedly, some Newcastle United fans supported Grealish. Some Newcastle fans say, “I don’t know why everyone is angry about Grealish mentioning Almirone,” and “It’s funny, Almirone wasn’t that bad.” “Don’t take it too seriously,” and “People are too sensitive these days,” and I thought it was insignificant.

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