Kia’s first PBV “Niro Plus” officially released

Kia’s first PBV “Niro Plus” officially released

Niro Plus

Kia officially launched “Niro Plus,” which was introduced as the brand’s first Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) on the 30th, and began full-scale sales. Niro Plus is a PBV based on first-generation Niro electric vehicles. Specifications have been reinforced for taxis and business use.

According to Kia, a total of 8,000 units were received in the 12-day pre-contract. The proportion of taxis by use was 48% and 52% for business use. Kia evaluated that the PBV business announced a smooth start to the pre-contract performance.

Niro Plus has increased its overall height by 80mm compared to the previous one and optimized the interior configuration for taxis and businesses. The battery capacity is 64.0 kWh. Its performance is 204 horsepower (150 kW) and its maximum torque is 40.3 kg.m. It has been certified to drive up to 392 kilometers (17 inches) on a single charge. 안전놀이터

The taxi model has added convenience specifications for second row passengers, including “all-in-one display” that integrates work-related functions, slim headrests, walk-in devices, C-type USB terminals, second row seat belt buckle lighting, and B pillar assist handles. The all-in-one display is applied with integrated functions related to taxi business such as navigation, app meter, and digital driving recorder. Automatic intercity surcharges based on location data by administrative districts, as well as wireless updates (OTAs) tailored to new taxi fare systems such as rate revisions, will be supported. In collaboration with Kakao Mobility, the Kakao Taxi calling app will be added to the all-in-one display through OTA sometime this year. The steering wheel is equipped with a button to accept the call confirmed through the display. It is also equipped with ‘AI Assistant’ service that supports artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition. Kia said it plans to expand business partnerships with various platform operators to provide additional functions in the future.

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