Kim Gyuri, Lee Yo-won, rob a guy and sleep together

Kim Gyuri, Lee Yo-won, rob a guy and sleep together

Kim Gyuri

It was revealed that Kim Gyu-ri took away Lee Yo-won’s man.

In JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Green Mothers Club” (scripted by Shin Yi-won/directed by Rahana), which aired on May 18, Kim Young-mi (played by Kim Gyu-ri) was portrayed as a stalker to protect the reputation of her husband Oh Gun-woo (played by Lim Soo-hyung).

Lee Eun-pyo (Lee Yo-won) was angry at Kim Young-mi. He also did not forget the vitriol of “shameless” in his choice to protect his own.

However, Kim Young-mi said, “The friendship between Lee Eun-pyo and Seo Jin-ha is great,” revealing that Seo Jin-ha stole Lee Eun-pyo’s man in the past.

In his recollection, Seo Jin-ha said, “I’ve been sneaking a peek for a long time. And then we decided on D-Day. Eun-pyo wanted to ruin my most splendid day,” he said. 

Kim Gyuri also said, “It didn’t matter what kind of man he was. The important thing was to let them know that Eun-pyo might not have already thought it was mine,” he said. 

Lee Eun-pyo said, “It’s a lie. Jinha couldn’t have done that to me,” he said in anger. for life

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