MINO’s reaction to his sister’s envelope gift

MINO’s reaction to his sister’s envelope gift


MINO, a member of the group WINNER, boasted his sister’s birthday present.

Song Min-ho posted a picture on his Instagram on the 25th, calling it “a belated fish for his younger brother.”

In the released photo, a chain necklace that looks like a birthday gift is placed on a box with a bird on it. The handwritten letter was put on the cover of the bank account.

In response, MINO said, “What’s with the letter envelope?” but added, “Thank you, you’re cute,” showing off his brother-in-law’s friendship.

Meanwhile, Song Min-ho, one of the top profit-making members in the group, surprised everyone by comparing his monthly copyright income to a “full option for foreign cars” on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros.”부산출장마사지

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