“My swollen face is to blame for the treatment” Putin

“My swollen face is to blame for the treatment”Putin Reinstates Health Abnormalities


Citing anonymous Russian Oligarch (emerging conglomerate) and transcripts obtained by the U.S. magazine New Line, local foreign media, including The Times, reported on the 14th that Putin underwent blood cancer surgery just before ordering an invasion of Ukraine.

The new tycoon, known to be close to the Kremlin, complained that “President Putin is out of his mind,” and said that Putin had waged a war that destroyed Russia, Ukraine and the global economy.

President Putin was seen putting a blanket on his lap at the World War II Victory Day event on the 9th. At that time, the daytime temperature in Moscow was around 9 to 10 degrees Celsius, and Putin was the only one who packed a blanket among the participants. An awkward gait was also caught on the screen, with the body shaking greatly from side to side while walking for flowers.

“President Putin was a healthy-looking man who boasted a sleek body,” said Ashley Grossman, a professor at Oxford Medical School in the UK. “However, in recent years, swollen faces seem to be related to steroids used as cancer treatments.” Professor Grossman said steroids are generally prescribed for various types of lymphoma, myeloma, and plasma cell cancer, which can cause various spinal diseases.

Boris Karpichkov, a former member of the National Security Council (KGB) during the Soviet Union, recently claimed in an interview with The Sun that Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease along with numerous other diseases, citing unreasonable and paranoid behavior.

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