Remu Suzumori 涼森れむ Beautiful and transparent

Remu Suzumori

Remu Suzumori

Date of birth: 1997-12-03
Height: 160 cm
Body size: B87 / W58 / H85
Cup Size: D Cup
Debut: Debut in March, 2019

Remu Suzumori

Beautiful and transparent

A beautiful girl with white skin and a beautiful chest.

She is a rookie who made her debut in 2019 exclusively under Prestige (debut work SIRO-3759).

After learning about Kaname Otori, she became interested in AV and debuted.

The agency is Tea Wars. It is evaluated as the best rookie produced by Prestige in 2019.

Remu Suzumori acts hard because of her pure beauty.파워볼사이트

Especially, the white and clean chest has a good shape and line, so it is well-received.

In her debut interview, she said that his body part was “chest.”

a personality that is likable to a plain appearance According to actor Yuto Kuroda, there is no artificial feeling at all.

A hard working amateur vibe.

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