TWICE the first K-pop girl group to hold a North American Stadium concert

TWICE the first K-pop girl group to hold a North American Stadium concert


TWICE was the first K-pop girl group to hold two encore performances at a North American stadium, giving fans unforgettable memories.

TWICE held its fourth world tour “TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR “III” at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles for two days on the 14th and 15th.

Starting with Los Angeles on February 15, the concert was organized to respond to the enthusiastic support sent by global fans on the seven-time tour of five cities, including Oakland, Fort Worth, Atlanta and New York. Initially, it was scheduled to be held only on the 14th, but tickets were sold out quickly and the performance was urgently added on the 15th, and this also showed global popularity by recording high-speed sales as soon as the reservation began.

As a result, TWICE, which sold out nine performances in five U.S. cities, including two encore concerts, attracted about 150,000 viewers in the U.S. alone, boasting its powerful audience mobilization. In particular, it made its name in history as the “first K-pop girl group” that will hold a solo performance at the North American stadium, showing unlimited growth even in its seventh year of debut.

TWICE, which opened its stage with its first English single, “The Fields,” attracted audiences with its representative hit songs such as “Feel Special,” “FANCY,” “I CAN’T STOP ME,” and “SCENTIST,” as well as a rich setlist of unit songs.

On top of that, he added a new fan song “CANDY” to express his true feelings as sweet as candy to fans who always send constant love. In the encore section, where people turn the roulette to select songs, they sang world wide hits, including “CHEER UP” and “TT” and other songs from existing albums, leading to the peak of the performance.

In particular, the concert was held in a festive atmosphere in the fantastic harmony of the clear and sunny weather unique to Los Angeles and the outdoor stadium. The audience gathered at the scene cheered and applauded the powerful performance of the nine members and enjoyed the performance by singing along with the Korean lyrics. In addition, in the last stage, “Dance The Night Away,” colorful fireworks embroidered the night sky, marking the end of the splendid tour in the Americas.

“I didn’t expect to be back in Los Angeles so soon, but you made it possible,” TWICE said, wrapping up their two-day grand encore performance. “It was TWICE’s first outdoor performance, and I think it will remain as the best memory for a long time.” Thank you,” he said.

Dahyun then said, “I had a very happy time with you. Life brings us tears, laughter, and memories. Tears dry up and laughter fade, but memories remain for the rest of our lives, he said. “Even after a long time, today’s happy memories will shine brightly like jewels in our hearts.” I love you,” he said. In response, the audience cheered loudly and sang a birthday song to Dahyun, who was about to celebrate her birthday. 안전공원

As such, TWICE has successfully led the new world tour that opened last year in Seoul, showing off its presence as a representative K-pop girl group. After entering Tokyo Dome in the shortest period of time since his debut as an overseas artist, he has achieved three consecutive performances and sold out at Tokyo Dome, and succeeded in entering North American Stadium for the first time in K-pop girl group history. Fans around the world are paying keen attention to TWICE’s next move, which is on the rise in worldwide popularity along with the world tour.

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