10% of Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors in Europe’s

10% of Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors in Europe’s war and parts shortage ↑

Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors increased their sales in Europe by nearly double digits last month from a year ago. Most of the major manufacturers have solidified their third-largest market share by increasing their sales volume amid a decrease in sales.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association’s announcement on the 16th, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors sold 96,556 vehicles (based on EU+EFTA+UK combined), up 9.8% from May last year. The market share in May was 10.2% (Hyundai 5.1% and Kia 5.1%), up 2.1 percentage points during the same period.

Europe’s No. 1 Volkswagen dropped 21.5 percent from a year ago to 239,982 units, while Stellantis, the No. 2 player, fell 14.6 percent to 191,489 units. The market share of the two companies also decreased slightly to 25.3% and 20.2%, respectively. Renault, which fell to fourth place due to Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, fell 9.8% to 81,307 units. Among local manufacturers, Russia has a large proportion, and sales have decreased due to a sharp drop in demand for new cars in the aftermath of the war. Renault has an 8.6 percent share.

Among major manufacturers, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, Toyota (including Lexus), and Nissan saw their sales increase last month. It is interpreted that the impact of the invasion of Russia is greater for local manufacturers due to the high supply and demand of parts in Eastern Europe amid a continuous shortage of parts such as semiconductors for vehicles. Last month, Europe’s total new car sales market shrank 12.5% from a year ago to 948,149 units.

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors are increasing their sales thanks to the strong performance of eco-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles and local strategic vehicles. Of the total 18,866 units of Hyundai Motor’s SUV Tucson, hybrid and plug-in hybrid accounted for about half. Kia Seeds sold 13,456 units, the most among Hyundai Motor and Kia models, while Sportage sold 13,323 units. Ioniq 5 and EV6, which were developed as models exclusively for electric vehicles, exceeded 50,000 units in accumulated sales in the region.

As of January to May this year, Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors sold 450,000 units in Europe, with a market share of 10.0%. Compared to the same period last year, it increased by 2.5 percentage points.  토토추천

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