CHAE YEON, you look so innocent and strong…

CHAE YEON, you look so innocent and strong…Flustered by the broken fork


Chung Chaeyeon expressed embarrassment at the broken fork.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, Jung Chaeyeon posted two pictures on her Instagram story.

The photo released by Jung Chae-yeon shows Jung Chaeyeon, who is believed to be eating, breaking a plastic fork.

The comment of “…?,” which was added together, represents Chung’s embarrassment.

Jung Chaeyeon, who showed off her innocence through Mnet’s “Produce 101,” has shown her own charm in DIA group activities following her activities in I.O.I.

Fans are showing enthusiastic responses to the photo uploaded by Jung Chaeyeon, who has a pure charm, showing a strong(?) power.

Meanwhile, Chung will appear in MBC’s new drama “Gold Spoon” to show her acting skills. 토토추천

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