Draymond Green: Irving’s joining Lakers? But we can’t win

Draymond Green: Irving’s joining Lakers? But we can’t win

Draymond Green

Green expressed confidence in the team’s performance.

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green talked about Kyrie Irving’s transfer to the Los Angeles Lakers on the 26th.

The fierce and long journey of the 2021-2022 season ended with Golden State’s victory. Golden State, which endured the difficult times well, returned to the throne for the first time in four years since 2018.

After the final, fans’ attention is focused on the summer transfer market. As before, the market is heating up this year due to rumors of superstars’ transfer.

The most interesting player is Kyrie Irving. Irving has to decide whether to exercise the $36 million player option this summer.

Brooklyn recruited James Harden as a trade in January 2021 to build a powerful Big Three leading to Irving-Harden-Durrant. Brooklyn was unfortunately defeated by Milwaukee last season by an injury, but was considered the strongest favorite of the season.

However, Brooklyn’s bid for the championship went up in smoke again. Brooklyn, which has been squeaky since the beginning of the season due to Irving’s vaccination problems, faced a change in trading Harden, a member of the Big Three, on the trade deadline. Brooklyn, who suffered a lot of noise throughout the season, was eliminated by four consecutive losses in the first round.

The Brooklyn front desk, where trust in Irving has collapsed, is reportedly facing difficulties in negotiations with him. Rumors are rising that Irving is looking to leave Brooklyn and play for other teams. The most likely team to be mentioned as Irving’s destination is the Lakers with LeBron James, who has won the championship in the past.

Green, a key player in Golden State, has played many games against Cleveland, which was led by LeBron-Irving. What did he think about Irving joining the Lakers?

“If Kyrie Irving goes to the Lakers, he will have a chance thanks to his scoring ability. LeBron James will put Irving in a position to do so. Irving has not proven to be a good leader. LeBron will cover it with an umbrella,” he said positively.

However, Green said flatly, “They will be competitive as candidates for the championship, but they will not beat us.”

Green’s confidence is fully understandable. Golden State, which has been reborn as one of the best defensive teams of the season, defeated a number of wildlings one after another and won the championship. They have acquired numerous experiences, winning four championship trophies in eight years.

Will Irving join the Lakers and face Golden State again with LeBron? Attention is drawn to his move. 안전놀이터

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