Genesis JD Power New Vehicle Quality Survey Premium Brand #1

Genesis JD Power New Vehicle Quality Survey Premium Brand #1


Genesis has been proven to have the best quality in the world in the highest-ranking new car quality survey.

According to Genesis on the 29th, it topped the premium brand in the “2022 New Vehicle Quality Survey” (IQS) released by J.D. Power, a U.S. market research company.

The JD Power New Vehicle Quality Survey, which marks its 36th anniversary this year, is the world’s most prestigious quality survey that began in 1987. The number of complaints per 100 units is calculated by aggregating the cases of quality complaints experienced by customers in the three months after purchasing the car, and the lower the score, the higher the quality satisfaction.

This year’s survey was conducted with 223 customer surveys of 189 models sold in the U.S. from November last year to February this year out of a total of 33 brands, including 15 premium brands and 18 general brands.

Genesis scored 156 points overall and topped the premium brand, beating Lexus (157 points) and Cadillac (163 points). It ranks fourth in terms of overall brands.

Genesis has consistently maintained its No. 1 premium brand since 2017, when it was selected as the first evaluation target, and ranked No. 2 for the first time last year. Since then, it has regained the first place again this year with high evaluation. As a result, it has topped the list five times in six years, showing off its best quality competitiveness.

Genesis overwhelmed its competitors by a big margin of 40 points compared to the average of 196 points for premium brands.

Genesis also showed an advantage in evaluation by grade. G80 was selected as the No. 1 player in the ‘Medium-Large Premium’ category and won the ‘Best Quality Award’ for two consecutive years.
The G70 and GV70 ranked second in the sub-class of ‘quasi-medium premium and ‘quasi-medium premium SUV’, respectively, and were selected as the best quality models.

Genesis once again proved the high quality technology of Korean premium brands as it ranked first in the Durable Quality Survey (VDS) in February.

The results of the JD Power survey are expected to play a major role in sales and image improvement of Genesis brands in the future as they are not only actively used as a standard for U.S. consumers to purchase cars but also as a key indicator of quality competitiveness for each company. 토토사이트

Genesis cars are manufactured and designed in consideration of customers’ needs, a Genesis official said. “We will continue to do our best to provide high-quality cars.”

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