“Hunt”. He lost 15kg to play the role of Huh Sung-tae and Jung Woo-sung

“Hunt”. He lost 15kg to play the role of Huh Sung-tae and Jung Woo-sung

Huh Sung-tae

Attention is focusing on the performance of Huh Sung-tae in the movie “Hunt.”

Actor Huh Sung-tae, who makes a strong transformation in every work, is drawing attention by showing an irreplaceable presence through the movie “Hunt.” “Hunt” is a spy action drama in which security agents “Park Pyeong-ho” and “Kim Jeong-do” who suspect each other to find hidden spies in the organization face a huge incident called “Korea’s No. 1 assassination operation.”

Actor Huh Sung-tae, who impressed the public by showing his own acting world through “The Outlaws,” “Namhansanseong,” and “The Secret Service,” will play the role of Jang Chul-sung, an agent of the domestic team of the Ministry of National Security, in this work. “Jang Chul-sung” is a strong team member who moves like the hands of “Kim Jeong-do” (Jung Woo-sung), the deputy head of the domestic team, and helps investigate overseas team members and put “Park Pyeong-ho” (Lee Jung-jae) in crisis to find spies hidden in the organization.

Regarding “Jang Chul-sung,” who has a bulldozer-like personality that goes forward without hesitation in order to carry out the operation, Heo Sung-tae said, “It was a completely different breathing from the role I had played so far. I had a strong sense of work, and I could relate to him trying to do everything hard,” he said, expressing his affection.

In order to understand these characters in depth, Heo Sung-tae talked with director Lee Jung-jae in various ways to improve the character’s perfection. In particular, he not only conducted five one-on-one reading with director Lee Jung-jae before the entire reading, but also created “Jang Chul-sung,” who breathed his own color by setting small actions and walks in detail at the filming site.

In addition, Heo Sung-tae, who gained 15kg to play the role of Jang Deok-soo in the Netflix original series “Squid Game,” immediately lost 15kg to completely digest the sleek agent’s image and suit in “Hunt.” Heo Sung-tae, who has been making considerable efforts to complete the acting that has not been shown so far, will captivate the audience with his new luxury acting in “Hunt.”안전놀이터

The movie “Hunt,” which doubles the curiosity about the character of “Jang Chul-sung,” completed with Huh Sung-tae’s unique color, will be released on August 10.

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