Hyundai tops the global hydrogen electric vehicle market

Hyundai tops the global hydrogen electric vehicle market


Although global hydrogen electric vehicle sales decreased this year, Hyundai Motor maintained its No. 1 market share.

According to SNE Research, a market research firm specializing in energy on the 7th, 5,908 hydrogen-electric vehicles were sold in each country between January and April this year, down 2.5% from 6,057 vehicles in the same period last year.

SNE Research analyzed that supply and demand of semiconductors for △ vehicles △ rising raw material prices △ Ukraine crisis had a negative impact on sales of hydrogen electric vehicles.

However, Hyundai Motor sold 3,073 units of Nexo between January and April, down only 1.0% from 3,103 units during the same period last year. The share increased from 51.2% to 52.0% as the sales decrease rate was smaller than the overall market reduction rate.

Toyota’s Mirai, on the other hand, sold 1,597 units during the same period, down 38.4 percent from 2594 units in the same period last year. Its share fell from 42.8 percent to 27.0 percent.

Honda sold 204 units, up 72.9% from the previous year. Its share increased from 1.9 percent to 3.5 percent.

SNE Research analyzed, “The hydrogen car market, which nearly doubled in 2021, is slowing down as it faces various global issues in 2022, but it is unclear whether Hyundai will continue to dominate in the future.”

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