‘La Liga 54 goals’ striker refuses to join Ghana

‘La Liga 54 goals’ striker refuses to join Ghana


It is news that Inyaki Williams (28, Athletic Clube) refused to participate in the Ghana national team. South Korea, ranked 29th in the world, and Ghana, ranked 60th, will face off in the second Group H match of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup on Nov. 28.

According to the Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo on the 16th, Williams told the Ghana Football Association that she wanted to focus on Atletics. He added that he was not attracted to participating in the Qatar World Cup.

Williams was born in 1994 in Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque region of Spain, but can also choose the Ghana national team according to his parents’ lineage. As a member of Atlétic, who joined in 2015, he scored 54 points and 39 assists in 272 matches of Spain’s La Liga (first division).

La Liga is the next major stage after the English Premier League (EPL). Williams also played well in the UEFA tournament, including seven goals and four assists in 26 Europa League finals.

Mundo Deportivo said, “Williams was taught by Ghanaian parents to take pride in their roots. However, I thought it was not polite for a Ghanaian-born player to play in the Qatar World Cup finals even though he had no contribution to qualifying in Spain.

Williams made his A-match debut in a warm-up match against Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016. He is also a runner-up at the 2017 U-21 European Championships. Mundo Deportivo said, “The old relationship with the Spanish national team is also the reason why Ghana cannot easily choose.”

“Mundo Deportivo” reported that Niko Williams (20), who competed in the preliminary round of the 2023 U-21 European Championship as a Spanish national team, refused to offer the Ghana Football Association, just like his senior and older brother Inaki.

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