Lexus, UX300e, pure electric vehicle, etc. to be released

Lexus, UX300e, pure electric vehicle, etc. to be released


Lexus is introducing a full lineup of electrification in the Korean market and speeding up the realization of “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED,” an electrification vision for carbon neutrality.

Lexus Korea announced on the 15th that it will officially release plug-in hybrid (PHEV) NX 450h+, hybrid (HEV) NX 350h, and electric vehicle (BEV) UX 300e.

New Generation NX, the second-generation completely changed model, was released in two powertrains: Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid model and hybrid.

The plug-in hybrid model consists of NX 450h+ premium and NX 450h+ FSPORT, and the hybrid model consists of NX 350h premium and NX 350h luxury trim.

Lexus’ electronic four-wheel drive “E-Four system” is applied to all trims to help stable driving. The E-Four system distributes driving forces from 100:0 to 20:80 to the front and rear wheels, respectively, providing excellent acceleration and high turning stability. By applying the GA-K platform, it lowers the center of gravity and makes the body lighter and stronger to provide smooth and stable driving performance.

The power train is equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. The NX 450h+ has a total system output of 307 horsepower, combined fuel efficiency of 14.4km/l (gasoline), and 3.8km/kWh (electricity), showing high economic feasibility and strong driving performance. Four driving modes can be used: EV mode, which can only be driven by an electric motor, Auto EV hybrid mode in which an engine intervenes depending on the driving environment, hybrid mode, and self-charge mode in which a battery is charged through engine driving power.

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