Mexican women who disappeared from interviews

Mexican women who disappeared from interviews


A suspect who lured and killed women with fake job ads in Mexico has been arrested.

Mexico’s Deputy Minister of Security Ricardo Mehia said on the 2nd (local time) that Grich Roman, 38, who was arrested the previous day as a suspect in the murder case, was involved in the murder of at least seven women.

According to investigative authorities, the suspect is accused of posting fake job ads on Facebook and then meeting and killing women who contacted him after seeing them.

Representative victims are Viridiana (31, female) of Veracruz and Evelin (22, female) of Morelos.

Viridiana contacted me last month after seeing an advertisement for a hotel front employee posted under the name of “Mary Marison,” and did not return after leaving home for an interview.

Family members and friends went on a public search for Viridiana, but he was found dead several days later.

Evelin, a college student, also met the suspect at a cafe after watching a Facebook ad in late March, and was found dead three days later.

The prosecution believes that there may be additional victims in Queretaro and Puebla. Mexican

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