Mikel Arteta Rage Champions failed “Support Arsenal”

Mikel Arteta Rage Champions failed “Support Arsenal”

Mikel Arteta

Coach Mikel Arteta is unhappy with the transfer market this summer. It calls for greater support.

British media “Metro” said on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), “I am dissatisfied with the club’s decision that Arsenal Arteta is hesitating in the transfer market.” “I’m worried that I’ll miss Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus,” he said.

Arsenal spent transfer fees at the top of the Premier League last summer. He recruited Ben White, Ramsdale, Oedegor and Tomiyas, and spent 150 million pounds (about 237.4 billion won) on the transfer. In other words, the team has strengthened its position, which was lacking.

He was shaken in the beginning, but he improved his performance from the middle. In the middle and lower ranks of the Premier League, it has become a competitor to advance to the UEFA Champions League. However, he was shaken at the last minute and was pushed back by Tottenham in the fourth-place competition to advance to the Europa League in fifth place.

Arteta wants to invest as he did last summer to take a leap forward in the 2022-23 season. Metro also pointed out, “We hope to spend another transfer fee next season.” Coach Arteta wants full support from the midfielder and defense, including the empty seat of Alexandre Lacazette.

But Arsenal’s top players are hesitant. He spent a large transfer fee last year but failed to produce a result. In particular, all transfers to Arsenal need permission from the U.S. owner. Without the owner’s approval, aggressive recruitment is difficult.

The same is true of recruiting Jesus, the top Arsenal target. Manchester City has set a transfer fee of 50 million pounds (about 79.1 billion won) as a ransom for Jeju. Coach Arteta desperately wants Jeju, but he has to compete with Chelsea, Tottenham and Real Madrid. It’s not easy.

The fact that Arsenal will advance to the Europa League is also a drag. Even if Chelsea and Real Madrid are just rumors of a transfer, the story will be different if Tottenham suggests it. 토토추천

Tottenham renewed their performance under Antonio Conte and succeeded in returning to the Champions League. He even promised a massive investment for full support this summer. There are many mountains for Arsenal to overcome, and Arteta’s worries deepen.

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