polestar Seeks Sustainability Collaboration with Fashion Industry

polestar Seeks Sustainability Collaboration with Fashion Industry


Electric car brand Polestar is the only automobile company to participate in the 2022 Global Fashion Summit and collaborate with the fashion industry to promote climate neutrality and the “Polstar Zero Project.”

According to Polestar on the 9th, at the Global Fashion Summit held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from the 7th to the 8th (local time), various fashion industry officials, including fashion industry members, policymakers and stakeholders, discussed this year’s theme, “Cooperation for a New Era.”

Paulstar also found a new partner to participate in the Zero project. Polstar points to textile innovation as the key to achieving the “innovative goal” of creating cars that meet true climate neutrality by 2030 and emphasizes the need for collaboration with the fashion industry.

Fredericka Clarence Paulstar, director of sustainability, pointed out, “To make a real change, we need to move beyond the automobile industry and cooperate with various industries.”

The fashion and automobile industries are industries that emit a lot of greenhouse gases (CO2e), he said. “As textiles and soft interior materials still remain a big challenge in achieving climate neutrality, we will be able to significantly reduce greenhouse gases through mutual cooperation.” 안전놀이터

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