Singer Jeon Somi, you said you lost 10kg [star]

Singer Jeon Somi, you said you lost 10kg, but you only have muscles in your body.

Jeon Somi

Singer Jeon So-mi boasted an unexpected muscle body.

Jeon So-mi posted a video on her SNS on the 8th.

The released video showed Jeon So-mi exercising at the gym.

Jeon So-mi, who lost 10kg for her solo debut, showed off her clear muscles.

Jeon So-mi’s unexpected healthy beauty, which she thought was only soft, stands out.

Jeon So-mi’s solid appearance without any fat shows thorough self-management. 토토추천

Meanwhile, singer Jeon So-mi released her first full-length album “XOXO” in October last year.

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