Ssangyong Motor Launches All-New Rexton ‘Signature’

Ssangyong Motor Launches All-New Rexton ‘Signature’ with Enhanced Style and Convenience

Ssangyong Motor

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Rexton brand, Ssangyong Motor will introduce the All-New Rexton, which has basically applied high-end convenience specifications and upgraded its merchantability.

Ssangyong Motor announced on the 1st that it will start selling all-new Rexton ‘Signature’ special models.

Rexton is a representative brand that has been growing and developing by pioneering the domestic large premium sports utility vehicle (SUV) market under the brand slogan “Korea 1%” in 2001.

All New Rexton Signature has basically adopted black radiator grille, black high-grossy fashion loop rack, black high-grossy lower bumper, wheel arch and door garnish, and front mudguard, which are applied only to the top trim, The Black.

Based on the Prestige model, safety and convenience specifications were basically applied. The badge dedicated to the signature model located in Pillar C provides a different speciality from the existing model, and has high-end convenience specifications such as a 3D around view monitoring system and a driver’s seat and passenger seat ventilation seat. 안전공원

It also improved driving performance and safety by applying the 4TRONIC system, which is selected by more than 95% of all New Rexton customers. Brown quilting interior, black headlining, second row roller brinds, and floating mood speakers are also basic specifications.

In addition, 9-inch Infocon navigation, smart tailgate, safety power windows for all seats, built-in air purifiers, and door spot lamps were applied.

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