The 2023 Morning Launch…Starting from 12.2 million won

The 2023 Morning Launch…Starting from 12.2 million won

The 2023 Morning

Kia announced on the 3rd that it has launched “The 2023 Morning,” which has increased product competitiveness, and has begun full-scale sales.

The Morning is a model of model change, characterized by strengthening the merchantability of each trim and expanding the options for customer preference specifications.

Kia explained that the design package, which used to be operated as a selection specification for existing models, was applied as a basis to the fast trim Prestige and Signature, making the design stand out even more.

The entry trim, Standard, is equipped with a steering wheel audio remote control and Bluetooth hands-free, and a multimedia package including 8-inch display audio, rear monitor, shark pin antenna, and high-pass automatic payment system can be selected from the entire trim.

The Morning’s sales price is 12.2 million won for Standard, 13.75 million won for Prestige, and 15.4 million won for Signature. 파워볼사이트

A Kia official said, “Kia’s Morning is a representative model that has led the Korean light car market,” adding, “The 2023 Morning, which has expanded customer options and improved competitiveness by trim, will be the best choice for customers considering purchasing light cars.”

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