WJSN will hit the peak of 6 years of narrative with “Sequence”

WJSN will hit the peak of 6 years of narrative with “Sequence”


Concept Master’ WJSN will peak its six-year narrative with its new album.

WJSN will release its special single “Sequence” on July 5 and jump into the summer comeback battle. Attention is focused on his first move in a year and four months since his previous work “UNNATURAL” and right after winning the Mnet competition program “Queendom 2.”

# “Trust and Watch” performance that won “Queendom 2”

WJSN won the final title in the recently aired “Queendom 2” and peaked its six-year narrative. In particular, Exy’s self-composed song “AURA” in the final competition showed high-quality performance and imprinted the aspect of the stage master. WJSN completed the perfect final stage by captivating global fans with their artistic performance as well as stable singing skills. “Aura,” which was met again through this new album, is included in the version that Dawon joined, so you can feel the color of WJSN more clearly.

# The Birth of the New Summer Queen

Earlier, the concept photos of the “Dreamy Mermaid” and “Hip Summer” versions were released one after another, raising expectations for “Summer Space Girl.” From mysterious and dreamy feelings to colorful and kitschy images, WJSN entertained the eyes of fans by digesting various charms that are perfect for summer. The title song “Last Sequence” is a pop-style dance song that inherits WJSN’s irreplaceable conceptual digestibility and overflowing passion, delivering the sense of summer season at the same time through the delicate and cool vocals of the members.

# From an idol to an artist

The most prominent aspect of this new report is the participation of the members. Exy once again proved her growth as an artist by writing and composing not only “Aura” but also the track “Done.” Dawon and Yeonjung’s duet song “Stronger” is also drawing attention. The song was recently presented as a unit stage by the two at the 2022 WJSN concert “Wonderland.” Dawon’s growth, which has been named not only for vocals but also for songwriting, is raising expectations for Shinbo. 파워볼사이트

WJSN’s special single “Sequence” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on July 5.

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