CHUNG HA, light but hip exposure…The Return

CHUNG HA, light but hip exposure…The Return of the Honest Summer Queen


Singer ChungHa has released a photo that gives a glimpse into the concept of her second full-length album.

ChungHa posted the first concept photo of her second full-length album “Bare & Rare Pt.1” on her official SNS at midnight on the 30th.

The released photo shows Chung Ha’s silhouette, which adds her unique sexy sensibility with bold poses and provocative eyes. Various factors, ranging from vintage colors to fabric sofas and natural styling, completed a languid mood, amplifying Chung Ha’s curiosity about the concept of the album.

Light but not excessive exposure and hip-like visuals added sophisticated charm, raising expectations for Chung Ha’s inner feelings.

“Bear & Rare Part 1” is an album that tells the honest inner story of Chung Ha. Chung-ha, who previously revealed her unrivaled aura through an unconventional and colorful mood sampler, is drawing high attention by showing her original appearance as a concept photo on the day.

Chung Ha’s new album, “Bare & Rare”.1 will be released at 6 p.m. on July 11.

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