Conte, why did you pick the 33-year-old veteran first?

Conte, why did you pick the 33-year-old veteran first?


The value of recruiting a 33-year-old veteran is already emerging.

According to a report by Football London on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), Ryan Sessegnon (22), a wingback prospect watched by Tottenham, praised Ivan Perisic a lot.

It is wingback Ivan Perisic (33) who Tottenham Hotspur signed as the first player in the transfer market this summer. The relationship with head coach Antonio Conte continued during Inter Milan.

Tottenham announced the recruitment of Perisic on May 31, almost as soon as the transfer market opened. However, many pointed out that it was somewhat suspicious.

Although the left and right wingbacks were the core of Conte’s tactics, Tottenham was in a hurry to center back and backup attackers. In addition, Peri치는i 전성 was a veteran whose heyday was over, and he was a free agent, so there was no need to hurry.

In fact, experts from Tottenham said, “It’s a strange sign. Peri치는ic is not the top class for both physical and physical strength. We should have found the center back first,” he said.

Conte noted that Perisic could play a bigger role in the locker room. Perisic has won a number of big trophies, including two Bundesliga titles, one Serie A title and one Champions League title, through big clubs such as Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. Tottenham’s last win was in 2008. Currently, Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are leading Tottenham, but they also have no experience of winning.

In other words, Conte felt that what Perisic would do for the team as a leader who tasted the championship was essential. Football London explained, “Conte thinks Perisic is a cog that will improve the team’s mentality at an important moment.”

It was revealed from the pre-season that these expectations were right.

Sessegnon said, “I learned a lot from Perisic technically, mentally and physically. He even advised me on the offensive side how to impact the game more and score goals. When the ball was on the other side, he told me to appear more often in the box, communicate more, and play smart,” he expressed great satisfaction.

Perisic will play as a main player for now, but Tottenham’s future is Sessegnon in the end.

Sessegnon said, “It’s a healthy competition. If there is anything I can learn from him, it will be helpful in the long run. It just helps me move forward,” he said.

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