Hana Kano [Shizuka Kanno] Japanese AV actress

Hana Kano

Hana Kano

Date of birth: 1987-11-13
Height: 160 cm
Body Size: B83 / W61 / H91
Cup Size: C Cup
Debut: Debut in May 2016

Japanese AV actress

Before her debut, she did SM service at a customs store and made her debut in 2009 under the name “Shizuka Kanno.”

After a three-year break, she has been active until now under the name “Hana Kano” in 2016.

After changing her name to Kanohana, she was highly regarded for her acting skills and appeared in many movies.

Since March 2020, she has been working as an actress as an AV director.

She was an athlete who was obsessed with judo from elementary school to high school.

There is no sexual intercourse in particular, and it is said that she can get excited if she concentrate.

An actor characterized by a snake-like tongue and snaggletooth.

It is difficult to have no settings when filming AV.

As of 2017, there were three people who had personal dating experience.

She think She’s very good at writing.

In 2012, she suddenly stopped working. 토토추천

For reference, it is said that during the break, the practice was conducted for three and a half years to obtain a childcare teacher’s license.

Then in May 2016, she changed her name to Hana Kano and debuted again through Madonna

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