Hibiki Otsuki 大槻ひびき Eternal rival of Yui Hatano

Hibiki Otsuki

Hibiki Otsuki

Date of birth: 1988-02-21
Height: 162 cm
Body size: B88 / W57 / H85
Cup Size: E Cup
Debut: October 2008 Debut

Eternal rival of Yui Hatano

a personality actor respected by countless actresses

Although it is not very popular and popular in Korea, its face is cute.

AV images taken in groups stand out more than AV images taken alone on 1:1 basis.

In AV videos, you can often see fountain shows because there is a lot of water there.

It is said that there are quite a few enthusiasts who like her because she is good at turning her waist.

At the beginning of her debut (2009), she mainly worked on old-fashioned and hard-core AVs, and at that time, she had brown hair and a strong-looking older sister-like appearance.

Hibiki Otsuki current appearance changed her hair color to black, and her style changed to AKB48 style, making her look like a good sister. At the same time as the style has changed, the AV tendency has changed to a nanny who is not hard.

All of Nomo’s works were taken before plastic surgery, except for one.

Her acting skills, technology, appearance, and body are all above average, so he boasts a wide acting spectrum that can digest various fields.

The reason why it stands out in groups is because it is above average in all fields. Many say that she looks younger than when she was taking pictures of her old mother.

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