James Harden determination, “I’ll be back to my old level.”

James Harden determination, “I’ll be back to my old level.”

James Harden

Harden delivered his determination.

James Harden (196cm, G) was the league’s leading scoring machine. He averaged 29.6 points and 7.7 assists and 6 rebounds in nine seasons with the Houston Rockets. Harden, who showed his best performance, was selected as the top scorer three times, the assist king one time and the regular season MVP. That way, Harden has grown into a representative player in the league.

However, Harden, who left Houston, showed relatively disappointing performance. He showed disappointment in scoring, which did not match his nickname as a scoring machine. He averaged 23.4 points and 10.5 assists and 8.2 rebounds for the Brooklyn Nets. And the Philadelphia Sixers averaged 21 points and 10.5 assists and 7.1 rebounds.

There are many reasons for Harden’s poor performance. Hamstring injuries are mainly mentioned from aging considering Harden’s age. And actually Harden has struggled with a hamstring injury over the past few seasons.

The Harden appeared on “Hawt Time” and talked about his physical condition. Harden said, “I’ve had the luxury of not having major surgery or serious injuries throughout my career. However, he has struggled with hamstring injuries for the past two years. “I couldn’t solve this problem,” he said, referring to the hamstring injury.

“But this summer is different. I am making the best physical condition through this summer. And it will go back to the old level. Above all, we will talk with our team members on and off the court together and make sure of our goals,” he said.

Harden renewed his contract with Philadelphia this off-season. a situation of some concession compared to the previous contract Thanks to this, Philadelphia recruited PJ Tucker and Daniel House.

Attention is focusing on whether Harden will be able to show his old self again next season or win the winning ring for the first time in his career.

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