Kim Nayoung, a bikini look that looks like…

Kim Nayoung, a bikini look that looks like you’re going to show your ribs.I’m worried because I’m too skinny

Kim Nayoung

Kim Na-young showed off her microfiber bikini figure.

On the 19th, broadcaster Kim Na-young posted a picture on her Instagram story without any comment.

In the photo released, Kim Nayoung is standing on the beach.

Kim Na-young showed off her slim figure in a black bikini, drawing admiration from viewers. In addition, she understands the fact that she has two children with her body without belly fat and stretched legs.

In addition, Kim Na-young’s mischievous expression makes everyone feel good.

Meanwhile, Kim Na-young has two sons, and is currently in an open relationship with singer and painter MyQ. He also appeared on JTBC’s entertainment program “Brave Solo Parenting – I Raise It” last year.

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