Lexus First Electric Vehicle UX 300e [New car drive]

Lexus First Electric Vehicle UX 300e [New car drive]


I visited the Lexus Jeju exhibition hall that opened on Jeju Island, a beautiful island. This is to test drive the first electric vehicle “UX 300e” released by Lexus.

Jeju, which has the highest penetration rate of electric vehicles and chargers in the country, is the best place to experience electric vehicles.

The UX 300e is the first derivative electric vehicle manufactured by Lexus based on the SUV ‘UX’.

There is no significant difference in appearance other than the blue license plate, which symbolizes electric vehicles, by inheriting the UX’s elegant design.

Although it is a compact SUV, the car body looks quite large by combining a large spindle grill and a sleek LED.

Because the body is also low, it is more like a crossover vehicle that combines hatchbacks and wagons than an SUV.

An 18-inch wheel and an electric emblem for electric vehicle models mounted on the side indicate that electric vehicles are electric vehicles.

On the rear, a straight rear combination lamp inspired by the rear wing of the racing car attracts attention.

When you enter the room, the neat layout like a Lexus stands out.

The finish of materials such as leather and plastic is also soft as a premium brand.

The transmission induces a concise and accurate shift in a shift-by-wire manner.

The 7-inch digital instrument panel for electric vehicles can check information necessary for driving at a glance, such as speed range and regenerative braking.

Because the vehicle does not have a built-in navigation system, you must use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to use directions.

It has secured 305 liters, 41 liters wider than existing hybrid models.

There is also a space where small items can be loaded when the deck board is raised.

The UX 300e, which has adopted a front-wheel drive method, has a quiet indoor space and has even made driving fun unique to electric vehicles.

The UX 300e uses a high-power, high-efficiency trans-axle to exert 204 horsepower.

The maximum torque is 30.6kg·m, which shows faster acceleration responsiveness than internal combustion locomotives.

The biggest difference from other electric vehicles is their excellent driving stability.

Due to the characteristics of electric vehicles that emit maximum torque immediately after acceleration, the vehicle body or driving posture may become unstable during rapid acceleration.

The UX 300e controls itself so that the torque increases gradually to prevent this.

Through this, it is possible to precisely use the driving force while maintaining the acceleration reaction.

The UX 300e contains Lexus’ energy management capabilities accumulated by developing hybrid technologies for a long time.

Regenerative braking that can be adjusted in up to four steps can be operated using the paddle shift of the steering wheel.

The instrument cluster makes it easy to identify the current braking step.

In fact, it was possible to drive stably by selecting the optimal deceleration amount at a time when the road surface was slippery due to rain on the day of the test drive.

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